Jenn Boelter is delightful to work with; she’s a woman-centered care-giver with amazing instincts.
— Dolly Sundstrom, Birth Doula
When we chose to use midwives, we were choosing to have a special type of relationship with them. For me, the person that delivers my child, is a very special person. At Pacific Natural Birth, Jenn and Sarah treated me with so much love and compassion, and met me where I am. They helped give me the care I wanted, and have the birth I wanted while educating me and making sure me and my baby were safe. They will always remain in my heart, and in my mind I have a special connection with them that I will never share with another person. I care deeply for them and thank them from the bottom of my heart for all they have done.
— KG, Mother

Jenn has been with me through two pregnancies, and both were incredible experiences. I cannot recommend Pacific Natural Birth enough.

— MH, mother
I worry a lot and Sarah and Jenn always put me at ease. My delivery was rapid and the baby had meconium...Jenn handled everything so well. I have 100% confidence in her as a midwife...she has such good natural recommendations for my every ailment. And, Sarah is so compassionate and empathetic. I could let it all out to her and she was always so sweet.
— Mother
Out of the many births that I’ve attended with Jenn, I have seen a wonderful range of her skills as a midwife. I have watched her offer a deep & genuine respect for the women she supports. And at the first birth I ever attended, I watched her calmly & skillfully resuscitate a newborn baby. This experience simultaneously solidified my belief in Jenn & the safety of home birth with a skilled midwife! She is a patient, grounded person & a wonderful midwife, and I’m privileged to be able to work alongside her.
— Laurie Craft, Birth and Postpartum Doula
I couldn’t have asked for better care from any midwife team. They eased my worries throughout my pregnancy by giving me the facts and encouraging me to educate myself and make decisions for my care and the care of my baby. They go above and beyond.
— Julia, Mother
What can I say, but wow?! Though if I have to put into words an incredible experience, then here it is: Jenn’s consistent presence, confidence and competency in her work made giving birth at home a fearless gift to receive. I went into my birthing experience with a deep belief in my body and a secure trust in Jenn’s intuition and skill set, which were cultivated through her work with my husband and I over the prior 8 months. During labor she was attuned to my needs and in favor of my ability to deliver my son. My trust in her allowed me to get swept away in one of the most glorious experiences of my life. In addition, her postpartum work with us, a work so needed as new parents, was more than I could ask for. She was our advocate and was available for our questions and concerns. She is a damn good midwife. Wow.
— Mother
Jenn and Sarah both had the experience and the demeanor we were looking for with our midwifery care. They were very skilled and came highly recommend by personal friends. They are great listeners and were supportive to both my husband and myself. We had a long labor at home and my baby was in a posterior position. Jenn attended my birth and and was extremely supportive through the entire process. Her background as a masseuse was extremely helpful since I had terrible back labor. We are so grateful to Jenn and Sarah to enable such a wonderful first time home birth experience. We look forward to baby number two in the future so that we can work with them again.
— JO, Mother
Throughout my pregnancy and labor, Jenn and Sarah honored my wishes to have a natural and minimally medicalized experience. Because of my trust in my team, I was able to go into childbirth fearlessly. And even when things didn’t go as planned or desired, I felt calm because we had prepared for all possibilities. Jenn and Sarah’s philosophy that a woman’s body and her baby have innate wisdom that will guide pregnancy and birth set a wonderful tone for our family’s relationship with them. Working with Pacific Natural Birth felt like a true collaboration, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our care.
— A, Mother
Jenn and Sarah are kind, caring and confident. They are simply the most amazing midwives and I am so thankful for their care!
— Jill, Mother
[Jenn & Sarah] take a natural approach, but are very experienced, educated, safe and sanitary. I delivered 3 previous times in the hospital and it went well but nothing like being at home
— Mother
I honestly rave to everyone about what a wonderful experience it was working with [Sarah & Jenn]. I received such focused, attentive care. [They] were so easy to get in touch with for any questions or concerns I had during my pregnancy. I had my first son in the hospital and definitely know I want to have my next at home with [Sarah & Jenn] helping out again if possible!
— Laura, Mother