Home Birth

We can stop trying to prove the safety of birth with a midwife outside of the hospital. This has been done time and time again.  Read current research here.

Here are some of the reasons you might choose to give birth at home:

  • You decide what you hear, smell, see and eat.
  • The private setting. You control who you invite to support your labor.
  • You don’t have to labor in the car.
  • Your partner can be as involved as you like. It’s a good option for partners who might not be comfortable with blood or bodily fluids as there are other familiar spaces to be that are much more comfortable than a waiting room. On the other hand, some partners enjoy “catching” the baby.
  • There is a kitchen for keeping you and your birth team well-nourished with real food versus protein bars and frozen burritos.
  • You get tucked into your own bed after the birth. You give birth in the environment that you’ll be raising your baby in.